New Tesla Model 3: Most Advanced Luxury Electric Car 2020

Wednesday, April 29th, 2020 - Tesla
2020 Tesla Model 3 Release Date & Price

Fun to drive and comfortable, Tesla’s highly anticipated New Model 3 is packed with features. But they are paying a heavy price.

She was very much desired. It has been expected even for several years. It finally arrives in Europe after having already been sold to nearly 150,000 copies across the Atlantic. The 2020 Tesla Model 3 is no longer an Arlesian, and we were among the first to try it, just before it came to the dealership. It is a saloon of 4.60m long, a size comparable to that of a BMW 3 Series or an Alfa Romeo Giulia (4.60m). She returns 30cm to the Model S, and with 1847 kg on the scale, its weight is nearly 300kg less than that of her elder brother.

For the rest, Tesla, willingly secretive, does not communicate the power of the engine, nor the weight and capacity of the battery (it would be 74 kWh) of its new model. According to the Californian firm autonomy would reach, according to the new more realistic WLTP standard, 560 km for the version Grand Autonomie invoiced € 59,500 (excluding bonus of € 6,000) and 530km for the Performance version (€ 70,300 excluding bonus), which we have took the wheel. It is distinguished by two engines and more powerful brakes, 20-inch wheels, a spoiler and a low-slung suspension.

We can not resist the pleasure of driving the accelerator as soon as we take control of a Tesla, for the “electric” thrust that literally plate you on the back of your seat. The Model 3 accelerates like a motorcycle of big capacity in a silence hardly troubled by aerodynamic noises starting from 150km / h. Repetitions, just as meteoric, make each overtaking a mere formality. The chassis, very responsive, becomes nervous if it is abrupt when changes of support. His reactions are amplified by a precise direction and a damping rather typical comfort. The car deserves an adaptive suspension with a Sport position. The New Model 3 requires that we take care of it if we increase the pace, which makes it very fun to drive.

2020 Tesla Model 3 Interior

Family-friendly, the car is comfortable and perfectly filters the small irregularities of the road. The compactness of the electric motor has made the cabin particularly spacious. The absence of a servitude tunnel makes it possible to accommodate three adults in the back. The tinted glass roof, standard, pleasantly illuminates the cabin.

2020 Tesla Model 3 Specs Engine MPh

The party continues with the dashboard. His style is minimalist. It has only one shelf, placed horizontally in the middle, and two control levers on both sides of the steering wheel. It displays on the left the information necessary for driving. All the car’s systems, from the air vents (invisible) to the cruise control through the mirrors and even the opening of the glove box, are controlled via this screen and simple dials on the steering wheel. The fluidity and ergonomic quality of the “man-machine” interface make handling easy and natural. This unpublished and very accomplished scoreboard is a concentrate of intelligence, a real inner revolution. The quality of the finish, materials, and assemblies, has also increased enormously compared to the first models of the Model S and no longer suffers criticism.


So, perfect, this Tesla Model 3? Almost. Because it will largely draw on his bank account to offer it. She has nothing to do with the small electric promised to 35,000 dollars. The brand says it is working on a more stripped model (battery of lower capacity, a single engine) whose price would be closer to this first price.

If you have the means, this electric vehicle, finally available, is very attractive. With it, you will be able to travel long distances in Europe thanks to the brand’s charging infrastructure, which is currently the densest and most efficient.

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